Commercial Cleaning Tips


image of office for commercial carpet cleaning from Carpet Cleaning Authority1. In order to prevent stains and dirt from setting into the carpet, have it vacuumed regularly. Even if you don’t use certain areas often, have them vacuumed anyway, to prevent dust from forming filtration stains by the walls.

2. When something is spilled on the carpet, advise staff to begin blotting it up immediately.

3. Do not pour water on to stains in order to lighten them. While it may look like’s it helping, all you’re doing is spreading the stain out further, and letting it sink deeper into the carpet pile.

4. Install rugs in places where you get a lot of traffic – like entrances or exits. This will help protect the actual carpet below from over-wearing.

header image for commercial rug cleaning Sydney page from Carpet Cleaning Authority5. Consider having a protectant applied after a cleaning with Carpet Cleaning Authority. It will provide extra protection against stains and keep your carpets much safer.

6. Have CCA clean your carpet on a regular basis. By setting up a custom maintenance program with CCA, you can keep your carpets much healthier, literally adding years to their life. This will save you a lot of money when you don’t have to get the carpets replaced as often.