About Carpet Cleaning Authority

Michael Girowal became interested in green cleaning methods about 10 years ago when he heard about their health benefits and started to learn about all the toxic cleaning products used in homes and workplaces. This led him to establish Green Clean Australia  – Sydney’s first green cleaning company. Green Clean are passionate about providing customers with the latest in green cleaning technology to help them minimise their impact on the environment.

When an exciting development came in non-toxic low moisture carpet cleaning, Michael was inspired to launch Carpet Cleaning Authority. The aim of this carpet cleaning business is to provide superior non-toxic dry carpet cleaning services to homes and offices across Australia. We hope to make customers aware of the importance of regular carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning and help them reap the health benefits of a non-toxic carpet care and maintenance regime.

Dry carpet cleaning takes the hassle out of carpet cleaning because there is no drying or down time. It’s quick, safe, clean and green and just as effective as traditional steam cleaning methods. Carpet cleaning chemicals are among the most toxic products used in domestic and office settings. We aim to protect your health at home and at work by offering a dry, effective and safe alternative.

At Carpet Cleaning Authority, our entire carpet cleaning business has been structured around an unwavering commitment to health and the environment. We are always happy to advise and nurture our clients on their journey towards a more sustainable home or office.

We also believe in giving back to our local community as well as helping those who suffer from some of the ill effects that can be caused by chemicals and pollutants in indoor environments. Because of this, we pledge to support a selection of local charities, schools and sporting groups as well as donating 5% of our profits to a charity which you can nominate after your service has been provided. You can also track your donations and see what difference it makes.

We feel that it is important in 2014 to go beyond the traditional business model and build something benefits as many people as possible. We believe that by working together with our customers, staff, franchisees, the community, and a variety of very deserving charities, we can build a responsible, green carpet cleaning company that has a positive impact on people’s lives.