Residential Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets and carpet stains are not a great look, and the everyday build up of bacteria and allergens within carpets is also detrimental to your health, and that of your kids and pets. Most traditional vacuum cleaners are not as effective at you might think at removing fine particles that cause allergies and health problems. You may also think that all residential carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals which leave behind harmful residues or that your carpet will take forever to dry, but they don’t.

At Carpet Cleaning Authority, we are committed to improving the quality of your indoor living environment by using green and dry products and equipment to clean your carpets. Our unique, chemical free residential carpet cleaning process combines natural, biodegradable cleansers with advanced energy efficient deep cleaning and purifying equipment, leaving your carpet clean, safe and ready to use again within an hour.

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Safe for you, your family and your pets

Our courteous, skilled technicians will start with a preliminary vacuuming of the space before applying an oxygen powered booster which breaks up dirt and removes stubborn carpet stains without the need for harmful chemicals or large amounts of water. It also acts as an effective carpet odour remover for getting rid of those unwelcome smells. The biodegradable products they use then encapsulate both dirt and moisture, making them easy to remove by our energy efficient pile lifting cleaner, which refreshes your carpet as it lifts out the dirt. Finally, the powerful HEPA filters on our vacuum cleaners ensure that 99.97% of dirt and harmful bacteria and pollutants are completely removed from your carpet, leaving it spotless, healthy and ready to use again.

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